fine art prints

Joyland Toyland by Catherine Slye

I love small things, even better if they are vintage small things. Plus vibrant color and the tiniest of details. This series is all those things - I can't tell you how much fun it is - the treasure hunting to find just the right toy, the shoots with tiny Lume Cube lights and Roscolux filters in my tiny photo studio. Tiny! 


Most of my other series' are serious, perhaps even a little somber. I wanted to work on something bright and fun, and joyful. And make those images be available for purchase quickly and inexpensively. 


I selected BayPhoto as my on demand printer, they offer "Dream Prints" in Deep Matte - by far the best inkjet print I've seen and touched. After two rounds of test prints, I feel I have it dialed in and am now waiting on final sized prints to arrive this week.


I'm starting with 8" x 10" prints, five different images of the dog and two of the elephant, I'll have them up for sale on my site soon, around $50 and up, depending on chosen shipping method and image size - 12" x 12" and 12" x 18" will be available too. More toys coming as soon as I can find them! Whee!