Lunar Landscapes

12th and Final Lunar Landscape by Catherine Slye

12/22/18 Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, PHX, AZ

12/22/18 Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, PHX, AZ

December 22, 2018 marked the final full moon of 2018, and the 12th and final Lunar Landscape session. I started 12/3/17 at Dreamy Draw, on a whim, to catch the full moon rise and from there the concept of the Lunar Landscapes series arose. I wanted to focus on capturing the moon just as it crested the desert landscape and the landscape by full moonlight. After 12 outings, I confirmed this about myself, while I like parameters - self-imposed outlines of what a series is and what a series isn’t, I’m not a fan of a timed deadline. Lunar Landscapes can only happen within seconds on a particular date about once a month, there’s one chance and if I miss it, wait another 30 days. Such an odd sensation of imbalance for me. Once I’m in the desert I felt I was exactly where I needed to be, but the rush to get there, then the lag of time waiting for the next one made me feel lopsided and wishing for the end. And now it’s here. I expect I’ll go back to these spots with a modified set of parameters.

Dates and locations: 12/03/17 Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, 01/01/18 Papago Park, 01/31/18 Carefree Ranch, 03/02/18 South Mountain, 04/29/18 Picket Post Mountain, 05/29/18 South Mountain, 06/27/18 Sonoran Park Preserve, 07/27/18 Phoenix Mountain Preserve, 08/26/18 North Mountain, 10/24/18 South Mountain, 11/22/18 Lost Dutchman State Park and 12/22/18 Dreamy Draw Recreation Area. In dated order below:

I'd like to thank the folks that joined me on my LL adventures, you know who you are :) Your enthusiasm, support and participation in this project is much appreciated. <3

Moving onward, 2019 has so much in store, I cannot wait for new projects to begin! Happy New Year!

All images (c) Catherine Slye, 2018.