Memory 2x / by Catherine Slye

It's fascinating to see where the creative path leads - I started with a grand idea of capturing raw emotion triggered by specific words on cards. I had this vision of juxtaposing two people together, seated and facing me, I would give each a different card, some with the same word on it, some with differing words. And attempt to capture their emotional reaction to the word. 

But this is what this series turned into. Conversations with friends, some whom I haven't seen in years. Conversations about our past or shared memories or simply whatever they wanted to talk about. Twelve friends who were graciously willing to be photographed, many I know felt anxious and awkward - on the spot and unsure what I was looking for. Really, all I wanted, was exactly what I got. I wanted them to simply be themselves, as they are, as I know them to be. That person they are with me. It was truly a delightful project.

I remembered to capture a BTS shot with my iPhone 10 out of 12 times. What a bummer that I don't have all 12  *sigh*. BTS shots below, and the entire series is up on the site, I selected three images each per person, I was trying to show a range of emotion/expression. Memory 2x

For months I've been anticipating printing this work and showing it locally in a 3-person group show. But through no fault of my own, the show has been canceled. At this time I do not have plans to show it, it will live here on my site until further notice.

Moving onward to other projects, thank you to everyone who participated and all the auxiliary folks who supported this project in all ways. <3 Much love. Thank you.

Equipment; Sony a9 + Minolta Celtic MD 28mm + Raqual adapter, USB C to 2.0 Micro B 5 Pin cable connecting to Asus laptop running Capture One for Sony. 

If you have questions about this project or my equipment, please feel to contact me and ask.