Behind the Scenes

There’s so much that goes into every photograph, not just mine, but all photographs made by all photographers. What you don’t see is all the effort and plans to create that one image. It’s a big part of what I love about photography, the layers of creativity and effort that are required to make a beautiful thing.

I decided to show my Behind the Scenes through blog posts, with pictures and the story behind images and projects.

How I Got The Shot Guide: Women's Edition


I’m thrilled to be included in the How I Got the Shot: Women’s Edition! This guide features 30 incredible female photographers and yours truly with a behind-the-scenes look at how I got the shot. Download now for FREE at

Featured is my Lunar Landscapes series, from 01.31.18 at Carefree Ranch - North Scottsdale at the property of Martha and David Bills, you can see more of their beautiful residence - a Will Bruder designed home, at Lunar Landscapes continues, each month - it's a deceptively simple series - it's proven to be more complicated than I had anticipated, which is awesome, right?! I always did need to learn the hard way. ;) 

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