Not Afraid of the Dark by Catherine Slye

Serene desert landscapes captured with long exposures. Sony a7RIII + Zeiss Batis 2.8/18mm. Each image requires a long study allowing your eyes to adjust, you’ll be amazed at what you can see in the dark.

Images can be viewed on my Instagram page found here. I <3 planning a night outing, from the scouting locations and mapping routes to getting the timing figured out and then the finale of being out in the dark with my camera. And then it’s all over in about an hour. Capturing light and color out in the peace and solitude of the desert is something I never thought I’d cherish, but I do. Growing up in Wisconsin I loved going for car rides with my dad at twilight, watching the sky transition from day to night was always a thrill.

Joyland Toyland by Catherine Slye

Yesterday’s toys in tooth-achingly bright candy pop colors. All images photographed with my Sony + Canon Macro 50mm, lit by Lume cubes and Roscolux filters.

I collected over 40 vintage and antique toys, many of them are made of celluloid - a pre-plastic material used before WWII. I was attracted to toys that had interesting faces and clever eyes, ones that would catch light allowing me to play with their expressions.

Joyland Toyland will exhibit at Walter Art Gallery September/October 2019, please join my Newsletter for more info! Prints will be available at that time through WAG.

Designated Driver + The Five Illusions by Catherine Slye

Designated Driver and The Five Illusions : Longing, Violence, Safety, Love and Freedom. A cinematic series in five acts.

Each act is an illusion. Have you had that sensation before? What you thought was real, what you imagined to be true was purely a fabrication in your mind? Perhaps based in fear or desire. That sensation of wanting, and then getting it, only to realize there’s no satisfaction that accompanies the acquisition.

I created a video from the final 39 still images, you can Watch the video on YouTube. And I created a playlist to accompany this series, you can find it here>

Memory 2x : Project Statement by Catherine Slye

Memory 2x, a series of classic portraiture. Featuring people that share memories and experiences with me. I want to capture what the recall of our shared story looks like - the manifest of memory will display on the face of the sitter. I believe in this way I will be able to authentically see them, while simultaneously see my reflection.

I'm seeking to capture a shared memory / emotional connection  / relational reaction in people who know me. I am the second, but "unseen" component in this dynamic. I am only "visible" through the interpretation of the face of the sitter. Shared story + visible emotion. 

Each sitter will have multiple sessions - a mini series - within this series. Each sitter will be photographed in their environment which is visually representative of what they do / who they are to the outside world.

My plan is to use a vintage manual lens (Minolta MD 28mm) with an adapter to my modern digital camera (Sony a9) - the equipment is in a way a memory too - a recall to the past.

Our conversations, the memories that we shared are only relevant to myself and the sitter and therefore the stories themselves will remain private.

Please contact me if you are interested in this project and/or have questions, thank you!   Images here.

BIKE PHX : Project Statement by Catherine Slye

People, paths and politics in Phoenix, Arizona. Bike events and rides. Bike paths, bikeways, lanes and more. And dedicated bike riders and people who are committed to furthering bike-ability here in the Phoenix metro area. 

Tempe Town Lake Ped/Bike Bridge.

Tempe Town Lake Ped/Bike Bridge.