Night Water : Project Statement

See Google Map of my progress.

Phoenix is intense and harsh under the daylight sun, yet magical and beautiful at night when color is sultry and saturated - it’s palatable. A time when color reveals itself as tangible. I want to capture this heady mix within the urban landscape. Deliberately devoid of humans, my photography centers on architecture, streetscapes, city vistas - the lesser seen and the unseen within a human built framework.

Night Water is my third series exploring Phoenix at night - focused solely on the nine canal systems. Scenes here are from portions of two of the nine.

I am motivated by not knowing what I will find - yet knowing I will find something. Something beautiful, intriguing and worthwhile. It’s within this process; seeking, seeing, capturing - this is where I am most at home, this is where I want to be - here in the desert, at night.

For more info on the canals visit - by no means is this an exhaustive list:

Arizona Canal

Arizona Canal

Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Arizona by Light : Project Statement

Arizona by Light began as a natural extension of HOT SUMMER NIGHTS, a futher exploration of light, time and the unseen within the urban landscape, capturing images in Phoenix, Globe/Miami, Mesa, and Bisbee, Arizona. 

Showing now; Framed: Land and Architecture, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR; Online Annex Exhibition

Selected photographs are scheduled to show at the opening of FOUND:RE late Summer 2016, ASU College of Public Service, Land, Sea & Sky show, Fall semester 2016. Shown in Framed: Landscape and Architecture, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR.

Crown. 2016. Catherine Slye

Crown. 2016. Catherine Slye

Thrift. 2016. Catherine Slye

Thrift. 2016. Catherine Slye

Barrow's. 2016. Catherine Slye

Barrow's. 2016. Catherine Slye

What Food Looks Like : Project Statement


In January, 2015 I started a project I named “What Food Looks Like”. I am photographing food, food access, food insecurity and food deserts in the form of urban community gardens, farmers and farms, neighborhoods, people and organizations here in the Phoenix metro area. 

Within the first four months I had visited 25 places, including; Mesa Urban Garden, The Urban Garden, The Micro Farm Project, Growhouse, Gilbert Farmer’s Market, Recycled City Compost, Arizona Microgreens, The Orchard Community Learning Center, PHX Renews, Garfield Community Garden, Hayden Flour Mills, Hope House Farms, St. Mary’s Foodbank, The Simple Farm, St. Vincent de Paul, Neighborhood Ministries Foodbank. I walked and photographed the eight neighborhoods of Central City South identified in a 2011 study completed by the ASU School of Sustainability in conjunction with the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation’s study on food access.

My next steps are to photograph people, families who actively live with limited food access and how that deficit is impacting their lives - how they overcome those challenges - literally, what food looks like.

View What Food Looks Like website.

Selected image included in the JEG Photography Exhibition Feb 15 - Marech 9, 2016, Texas Woman's University. 

Contact me if you would like to discuss my project or you want to use my images for your organization, business or personal use. All images are Copyright 2016, Catherine Slye.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS : Project Statement


See Phoenix through loving eyes. . . . at night.
As night descends, the city is bathed in rich, saturated, vibrant color. Blues and purples wash the urban environment, juxtaposing the naturally occurring with the human made. What better time to photograph Phoenix in the Summer, than at night.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is a collaborative photographic project. Jared’s images were created with a large-format camera whose design is rooted in the mid-19th century. His series is shot entirely on transparency film with a low rating of ISO 10. Each image required between 8 and 45 minutes of exposure. Catherine’s images are purely digital, blending the immediacy that using digital offers with the ability to photograph manually. Marshall provided the accompanying historical context. All three; Jared, Catherine and Marshall are Arizona transplants who love to call Phoenix their home.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS debuted at Chartreuse Gallery, 1301 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, September 4 - 30, 2015. Check out the following press:  Chartreuse gallery adds a splash of color to Grand Avenue's expanding arts scene , Downtown Devil15 FAVORITE FIRST FRIDAY ART WORKS SEEN IN SEPTEMBER IN DOWNTOWN PHOENIXNew TimesChartreuse Gallery Opens with ‘Hot Summer Nights’Downtown Phoenix Journal

You may view the 11x17 works by Jared Elizares and I, as well as accompanying texts by Marshall Shore, in the Hot Summer Nights Catalogue, PDF.  View Gallery of images.