Self-portrait, September, 2017.

Self-portrait, September, 2017.



Catherine has made Phoenix, Arizona her home since 2007.

"With my photography I strive to reveal the beauty in the universality, even mundanity of our human built structures and our modern lives to elevate disregarded settings and experiences, allowing grace and, dare I say, grandeur to escape.  Expanding the liminal spaces and experiences with minimally processed photographs so as to invite an elastic sense of knowing has always been exciting and challenging. Undertaking definitive series supports my immersion in totality - physically and emotionally, unearthing nuanced divergences and parallelisms."

Catherine's photographs are purely digital, blending the immediacy digital offers with the ability to capture manually. Sony a7 : Zeiss 1.8/55mm, Zeiss 2.8/18mm, Sony 28-70mm



Peep Show, Found:RE, PHX, April 7 - 28, 2017

Night Water, Found:RE, PHX, December 2016 - current

Land, Sea & Sky, ASU College of Public Service, PHX, August - December, 2016

Framed: Land and Architecture, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, June 1 - 20, 2016

MOD AZ, Chartreuse Gallery, PHX, April 1 - 30, 2016

15th Annual Joyce Elaine Grant Photography Exhibition, Denton, TX, February 15 - March 9, 2016

House, Habitat, Home, ASU :College of Public Service, PHX, January - May, 2016

Feast Your Eyes, ASU : College of Public Service, PHX, August - December 2015

GRID : 10th Annual Art Show, PHX, September & October, 2015

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS, Chartreuse Gallery, PHX, September 2015

This is Home (preview), Hazel & Violet, PHX, March 2015

What's Grand About Grand Avenue, Frontal Lobe Gallery, PHX, December 2014

DRY, R. Pela Contemporary Art, PHX, July, 2014

Our Town, Frontal Lobe Gallery, PHX, January 2014

Cementing the End, Paraguas Gallery, PHX, December 2012

My Beautiful City, Practical Art, PHX, January 2010


Featured Artist, F-Stop Magazine, August 2017, portfolio & interview

The Print Swap,, Night Water 2 05.02.17, May 2017

Weaving the Threads, anthology, This is Home, March 2017

ART BREAK, Phoenix Magazine, February 2017

Night Water, Arizona Contractor & Community, December 2016

What Food Looks Like: Recycled City, Mother Earth News, Dec/Jan 2016

Night Water, New Landscape Photography, September 2016

Femme Fotale, Photography Book, Volume 1, February 2016

L'Oeil de la Photographie - The Eye of Photography, Reader Portfolio, July, 2015

Concrete History: Valley Sidewalk Stamps, Arizona Contractor & Community, December 2014

Select images held in private collections.